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Chicken: Operation Stuff That

I’ve been on a stuffing fix.  Not the “it’s Thanksgiving, pass the stuffing” kind of thing, more like, “what amazing food can I stuff into this meat?”  Tonight’s dinner was inspired by my five slices of uncooked bacon sitting in … Continue reading

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Think ‘Quick Pasta’ Means ‘Boring Pasta’?

My husband and I had about 15 minutes to cook dinner the other night as we were running late (as usual!) In the fridge was some extra-lean hamburger thawing from the evening before.  Now, most people know what hamburger + … Continue reading

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Moroccan Chicken: Sweet and Spicy!

Here’s another great recipe to add to your “I can make a couple batches and freeze them” repertoire! Just make some a couple batches of this sauce, use some tonight, and freeze the leftovers. Here’s what you’ll need to make … Continue reading

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Tandoori Me

Friday night dinner = time to pull something out of the freezer!  Luckily, I have a couple pre-made meals just sitting there for the Friday-night-laziness-factor.  This tandoori chicken recipe serves 4-6, which is perfect because my husband and I can … Continue reading

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Today’s Dinner: Leftovers Wrapped in a Sushi Roll

What to do with leftovers?  Soup?  Nah.  Stew? Nah.  Feed it to the dog?  Don’t have one.   I know!  How about sushi-ing them? Sushi works great with almost anything and besides your leftovers,  all you need on hand is: sticky … Continue reading

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Not Your Mother’s Rice, Broccoli, and Chicken Dish

Eager to veer away from the traditional but in a it’s-still-comfort-food kind of way? Me too!  So, I took the traditional Rice, Broccoli, and Chicken dish and gave it a little more personality and a lot more flavor. Yum!  I … Continue reading

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The Christmas Gift — Delicious Soup in a Jar

This year for Christmas I gave my soup in dry ingredient form to a couple close friends and family.  It not only looked pretty, but was healthy, easy to make, and very versatile.  As with all great gifts, I kept … Continue reading

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