Chicken: Operation Stuff That

I’ve been on a stuffing fix.  Not the “it’s Thanksgiving, pass the stuffing” kind of thing, more like, “what amazing food can I stuff into this meat?”  Tonight’s dinner was inspired by my five slices of uncooked bacon sitting in the fridge, which was a leftover from my breakfast-for-dinner fiasco of yesterday.  With just four ingredients, this meal is up there in my top ten it-tastes-like-I-spent-hours-but-I-just-spend-10-minutes meals.

Stuffed Chicken Photodinners

Here’s how I did it:

Take four chicken breasts, slit the side for an opening and make a pouch inside the chicken.

Stuffed Chicken Photodinners

Stuff with sliced fresh spinach and cream cheese (I used reduced calorie herb and garlic — yum!)

Stuffed Chicken Photodinners

wrap with bacon

Stuffed Chicken PhotodinnersCook at 350 until temp of breast is 165 F (I try to use a meat thermometer to tell me when meat is done — thanks to mom and her food safe fanaticism.)

I meant to serve this meal with baked potatoes and beats as I was using the oven anyway. However, beats take a heck of a long time to cook. So the beats went half cooked back into the fridge (when am I going to get to that?) and the spinach got another role in the dinner play as the vegetable accompaniment.

Stuffed Chicken Photodinners

Have you stuffed something lately (other than your mouth 🙂 ?  Do tell!

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