Healthy Nachos? Not Just a Myth Anymore!

Healthy Nachos PhotodinnersI know every now and then it is very tempting to make a snack for dinner.  Why not make the snack a little more healthy?  It may not help you shed those “last five pounds”, but it will help you alleviate some of the guilt while indulging in delicious and crave-worthy food.

Here are some tips to make nachos, one of my favorite snack dinners, more healthy:

  1. Look at the nutritional value on the nachos when you are purchasing them.  I look for higher fiber and lower salt when comparing brands.
  2. Light Old Cheddar tastes delicious on nachos, but cuts the fat considerably.
  3. Load up the nachos with veggies (I used tomatoes, green onions, banana peppers, but you could also use green and red peppers, jalapenos, or anything else you have on hand)
  4. Instead of meat, try re-fried beans.  They are very healthy!Healthy Nachos Photodinners
  5. Do not serve sour cream
  6. If your family is adventurous, cottage cheese tastes like sour cream when mixed with salsa.
  7. Make your own guacamole if that is something you like with your nachos.
  8. Serve with a snacky vegetable, for my husband and I it is cucumber, which can be sliced and placed on a dish to the side of the nacho dish.  This will make it easier for people to keep grabbing a couple slices at a time, hopefully by then end they will have at least another serving of vegetables in them.
  9. Serve with milk or water instead of pop or sugary juice.
  10. Make dinner time a little later than usual, thus combining snack food of the evening with dinner. Hopefully this will help eliminate the need to keep snacking throughout the evening.
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