Where to Browse When You’re Not on this Site

Love making interesting and unique meals with whatever you have on hand at the time – but need a recipe to guide your thinking and measurements?   Love grazing through recipes to get those digestive juices stirring?  Read on for two of my favourite websites.

I’m all for making a meal to suit my needs and my tastes, but there isn’t anything wrong with taking inspiration from others.  For some inspiration, I use AllRecipe.com.  I can search by food title or by ingredients (or even by ingredients that I don’t want in the meal).  Then, the best thing about this site is that I can then sort the results.  I like to sort them by ratings and scroll down until I find recipes that have been rated by over 20 people or so.  I also make sure to read the comments that other cooks have left for the recipe to give me suggestions for alterations.

Another website I like to scroll through is The Food Network.  I love watching the food network; however, right now we don’t have cable.  This is what I use to curb the cravings for cable.

What about you?  What are your favourite food websites?

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